Due to the current state of the market, are you spending more time reviewing your assets?

Or trying to figure out:

  • Am I going to bust a covenant?
  • What will the impact of a slowdown be on my overall portfolio?
  • Which lenders do I need to reach out to today?

LoanBoss automates many of those repetitive steps, allowing your team to focus on making the right decision, fast. Which means you can proactively identify and manage risk in your existing portfolio.

If you’re swamped, let LoanBoss use some basic assumptions around NOI, occupancy, and cap rates to run your projections. Identify high level issues and then dig into the details if you want.

Key Analytics

Or get as precise as you like by importing your own projections.

Create reports to instantly identify the loans that require your immediate attention. For example, you revised your NOI projections and want to identify which loans might bust a DSCR or Debt Yield covenant – LoanBoss can run that analysis instantly. Spend your time on how to address the issue, rather than figuring out if you have an issue.

Maybe you want to tackle deals by recourse. Or maturity. Or both.

Maybe you want to dive into a particular asset class. Or step back and view the entire portfolio at once.

LoanBoss streamlines and automates all of this, pairing live market data with your customizable projections.

If you’re overwhelmed trying to wrap your arms around your existing portfolio, talk to The Boss.

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